This site will guide you every step of the way on your travel and life in South China

Welcome South China Traveler,

"DO NOT be overwhelmed by the language barrier in China you just have to be here!”

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You can find travel and personal success in South China by following the guidelines in this site. I've included tips on how you can save money, keep your sanity and be successful with your travels as well as how to make your stays in the South great and interesting.

Why did I choose to travel and then live in the South?

The answers are simple:

  • Beautiful people, breath-taking sceneries!
  • Great Food and Beverages tea varieties, beers, wines, seafood and other Asian and international favorites.
  • Good Living excellent flats, villas, resorts, beaches, hot springs, golf, digital cinemas, local and international banks, hotels
  • Convenient Transportation public and private buses, car rentals, taxis, bicycles, motorcycles
  • Exciting Shopping malls, night markets
  • Excellent education international schools and famous universities, mushrooming English schools
  • Great Business Opportunities international and local trade shows, joint ventures
  • Rich Culture music concerts, fashion shows, international marathon, churches, local and international festivals
  • The best communication facilities low-cost and high-speed internet access, modern telecommunication systems

xiamen junk boat big hotel lisboa macau nanputuo lake area yuandang sculptures

These are just some of the "wealth" and beauty that South China has to offer, there are tons of other interesting things, places and *little success secrets* that I want to share with you so please feel free to explore this site.

Thanks and hope you enjoy this site as well as benefit from it.
All the best to you,


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