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The SM Mall Xiamen is one of the biggest shopping malls around Xiamen.You can easily find SM in Xiamen (and around Asia) due to its unique appearance and architecture (see pictures above, or click on links to your video blogs search.

What places are near SM in Xiamen?

  • Best Western Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Ramada Hotel
  • New Jiangtou public park(near Sheraton), Knowledge Bookshop, Go Me (Guo Mei) and Yong Lo (Yong Le) Appliance Centers, Rainbow Shopping mall

What stuff does SM have?

SM houses a variety of businesses and we're naming only some popular ones here:

  • Wal-mart
  • Watson's
  • Bench
  • Esprit
  • KFC
  • McDonald's
  • Cyber City (Computers and peripherals)
  • mobile telephone retailers and repair shops
  • Wide parking lots (not in-house)

How to get here

Address: xian yue road, Xiamen
Popular Public Bus Routes: 13, 41, 34, 24, 33, 521, 528

*NOTE:* Always take care of and hide your valuables in "unique" places which does not attract attention. This way we could prevent pick-pockets and snatchers and continue our shopping fun at Xiamen : )


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