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We would be giving some brief introductions on a number of banks in Xiamen such as the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Construction Bank of China, and other popular bankswithin the city. There's a service 'war' going on right now between these banks in Xiamen - the 'war' on quality of service improvement.The banks here, are more service-oriented now than 10 years ago (as I experienced it) and they keep improving and we keep coming back for more : )

Here are some improvements:

  • Queues in the bank are now implemented by using lanes and broadcasts or customer numbering - remember the old days when you have to line up in the bank with 10 - 15 other peoplefighting for a single queue with you and you actually ending up last in line? Well, that scene's almost gone now.
  • Bank transactions now are more up-to-par with international standards and computer systems are also modernized - wow! that's just right for you and me, I recall the years before thatwhen the 'wooden' bank teller has to hand-stamp my transactions and invoices around 6 times giving me a feeling that I am in Immigration office applying for a multiple entry-exit visa, I don't even see those stamps anymore, they're swiping things now.

    TIP: If you should open an individual bank account in Xiamen, remember to open that account in the Main office of the bank you chose.Most of the time, you have to do the more important transactions with them in the future, and it makes your stay in Xiamen 'neat' as the documents you used in the application process are stored and vaulted there.

    Let's take a look at some popular banks in Xiamen:

    • ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China)

    • I used ICBC, Xiamen for my first flat mortgage back in '98 and did not have 'heavy' problems with the bank at that time.

      xiamen icbc

      Address: ICBC's Xiamen Branch Bank,
      ICBC Bldg., No.17, Hubin North Rd., Xiamen
      PostCode: 361012
      Popular public bus routes: # 36

    • CCB (China Construction Bank)

    • Another popular bank in Xiamen with branches all over the city and the country.

      xiamen construction bank

      Address: CCB Main Building (near the Ferry rides to Gulangyu)
      Phone: (0086)(592) 95533
      Popular public bus routes: # 99

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