Cheap Bus Travel in Quanzhou, Fujian, China

Nothing beats the cheap bus travel in Quanzhou.
You may even had visited some motorcycle salvage yards for 'scavenging' used bikes, but, still the most affordable transportation in this city of China is still that plain old - public bus!

Why do we 'vote' this cheap bus travel in Quanzhou?

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  • (In our opinion) It is safer to ride public transit, considering you're on 4 wheels, which is pretty much stable than those used motorbikes.
  • It is cheaper ( 1 RMB one-way, anywhere you go, at this time of writing. Please check with the local bus terminals for bus fares, before your rides and 'sign-language' (if you don't speak Mandarin) as to how far you can go with that Chinese loonie - ex. show a map and point how far you wish to travel ).
  • This is your 'poor-man's tourist bus' - you get to enjoy, view and master the locations within the city, a slow pace at a time.
  • It's less stressful to ride the bus - take note of rush hours, though, it's the opposite. Learn to schedule your bus trips at lower peak times of the day. (ex. Eat your lunch earlier and travel at lunch time! Well, experiment and see what time works better for you to travel on lesser stress and stay away from the crowd ).

Now that you are a bus expert in Quanzhou, you might still forget some other 'tools of the trade' - when riding the public transits, try to seat at least at the middle part or somewhere visible to the driver or ticket person - one way to monitor those 'oogling eyes' in the dark, we never can tell....

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