China Accommodation on Kenny Bo and Hillary Wang's Romance in Xiamen

china accommodation kennybo

Kenny Bo and Hillary Wang enjoys Gulangyu Island, their favorite romantic China accommodation....

Kenny Bo (Chen Bo a.ka. "Genius Jees") of Shanghai wants to share his life experience, romance and excitement in Xiamen.

Kenny lived and worked in Xiamen for a few years. He was a former Product Engineer at Dell, Inc., Xiamen. His favorite spot in Xiamen is the Gulangyu Island.
You can see pictures (above and below the page) of Kenny and Hillary Wang, enjoying some romantic moments at Gulangyu.

Kenny left Xiamen, end of August 2005 to pursue another exciting and challenging career in Shanghai, Bell. The last time I talked to him, "bells will toll" with him and Hillary : ) Was that the real reason, Kenny, you're leaving us in Xiamen? china accommodation kenny2

Well, goodluck with your new career in Shanghai, Kenny, and please let us know when you and Hillary would be visiting Xiamen, again!

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