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Reinert Santiago (a.k.a “Stig”) of Manila, visited his unforgettable China accommodation, Shanghai, around end of August to 1st week of September 2005. Stig who works for the Institutional Sales in Prudentialife Plans Inc., attended this Shanghai convention through the “Prudentialakbay International" sponsored fully for him by the Prudential Life Plans, Manila due to his “diligence and hardwork” : )

In Shanghai, Stig’s favorite “Eye Candies” are the Chinese circus, the Bund and Nanjing road (see pictures on this page that Stig sent us).
His favorite “eats” there were Chinese rolls, steamed fish and the eat-all-you-can Barbecues. Although Stig has a number of favorite Chinese dishes and places, he wants us to mention here, that one of the best things Stig experienced and admired in his visit, is the Chinese people’s high respect for their leaders.

Stig excitedly mentioned that he enjoyed his short trip to Shanghai and would probably be back by December of this year to Shanghai and “side-trip” to Hong Kong and Beijing, with his family.
See you on your next trip back here in the South, Stig, and it was really good to hear from you!

shanghai park

Stig taking a break with other
foreigners from around the world

(China accommodation - Shanghai)

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