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Photo Guides to the XICEC, China Exhibition Center Halls.

This page is more of a "photo guide" which takes you to some common areas within the Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center. You would notice that the exhibition halls are at-par with those of international standards that's because XICEC maintains a high-standard in promoting exhibitions.

Let's look at the "photo guides" and start our way in the Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center (XICEC) and familiarize ourselves with places and directions inside the exhibition center.

Inside, you could see the convenience that XICEC offers:

  • ATM machines, telephone card dispensers
  • Restaurants, coffee stands, snack counters
  • Clean washrooms in most hall locations, including convenience for the Disabled.
  • Security stands
  • Information booths

In the exhibition center, you would see telephone numbers of the different halls -example: halls A to F displayed on the posts (see picture above), clinics, information counters and most especially the exhibition center map. Most signboards and posts have accompanying English translations so I assure you won't get lost inside, just follow the crowd and your common sense

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