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Looking for stuff about " China history, China History, Chinese history, China, history, Quanzhou "? You might have been researching the internet and been redirected to this site, too, so why not give this site a few minutes of your time as you may be finding some useful information about China or specifically Quanzhou - a beautiful, cultural-rich city of Fujian, China.Below is a history-backgrounder about Quanzhou which we gathered for you on our travel experiences within the city.
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Historical Facts

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Let's do a breakdown:

  • Quanzhou was ranked among the four largest foreign trade ports in China, including Guangzhou, Yangzhou and Jiaozhou.
  • During the Song and Yuan Dynasties, seaborne communications and foreign trade was already very popular in Quanzhou - meaning to say, there was already a form of economic cooperation and development happening in those ancient times.
  • Quanzhou was historically famous for her "Citong (Tung) trees" thus acquiring an Arabic/Persian translated name of "Zaitung city".
  • Thousands of foreigners were attracted to Quanzhou's beauty - most of these foreigners were Muslims who contributed a big part to Quanzhou and the Chinese culture.
  • There were around seven mosques built in Quanzhou in the Yuan dynasty.
  • The historic Islamic relics found in Quanzhou shows proof of the Sino-Arabian relations
  • In the Tang dynasty, it was nearly 1400 years since Islam was introduced to Quanzhou.
  • Islam was suppressed by the rulers during the early Ming dynasty and late Yuan dynasty.
  • A lot of Muslim settlers in Quanzhou and within China, during the Middle Ages chose Chinese names and absorbed the Chinese culture very well - some even became followers of Zheng Chenggong (Koxinga), a national hero of the Ming dynasty.
  • Quanzhou was once the starting point of the ancient "Maritime Silk Route", and was the largest port in the East during the Song and Yuan dynasties. The city was also well-known as the "Coastal Shrine of Sages and Saints".

That wraps-up our 'short-talk' on Quanzhou's history, and hope it helps you with your historical 'quizzes'. Please feel free to explore other areas of this site, I'll see you later : )

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