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Quanzhou Rides on Harley Bikes?

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Chinese motorcycles are still the main mode of transportation in Quanzhou. ( Well, really, mostly Chinese and Japanese motorcycles ).
These bikes are still considered the 2nd major form of commute next to the pedicabs.

Most of these bikers wait in bus terminals, restaurants,hotels, shopping malls, sidewalks and some might even follow you while you walk.
Don't panic, they're just looking for potential clients, but, though may surprise you. Just be on your alert anyway.

The main reason why passengers still 'seek' these motorcycle choppers - a lower fare !

You may be smart and be able to get the lowest fare in your ride negotiations, but be aware of the pitfalls:

  • some bikers are illegal (can you see any license plates on your chosen bike?)
  • they don't issue receipts (nowhere to complain if you were mistreated )
  • some don't have extra helmets
  • probably some are not even licensed to drive?
  • are you riding on motorcycle salvage parts ?

It's your call to ride these 'taxi bikes'. Always make sure that you are insured not only for these rides, but also for your stay in the land.

Take care....

Get off the Chinese motorcycles ride

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