Coquitlam BC Parks

The city of Coquitlam BC parks are "numerous". We didnt' have much time to explore other parks but we'll give you an overview as to what and where these parks and trails are, and who maintain them, as well as some safety tips while enjoying your moments in these Coquitlam BC parks:

  • These parks are also classified as natural and municipal parks
  • Includes playgrounds and neighborhood parks
  • Off-leash dog grounds or areas - dog owners could un-leash their dogs , it's a dog's park! Most off-leash dog grounds are located within a park but are fenced or walled. Take note of safety while visiting these parks and be aware of different types of dogs allowed within these grounds, especially when you're enjoying the park with kids or infants.
  • Sportsfields - as the name implies a sports area for the community. We can also classify them under parks as most of these sportsfields are open to the public and are located within parks.
  • Basketball and tennis courts are sometimes located within the parks. They're free to use but of course, first-come-first-served. Better come in on weekdays instead of weekends to avoid the line up of "sports fanatics".
  • These beautiful parks and trails are maintained by the Coquitlam Parks Services, so please help maintain the parks and the natural environment.
  • If you prefer to go on Sundays, most dog owners or dog walkers un-leash their pets out in the fields for some stretching.
  • Some cities don't allow un-leashed dogs and the owners get fined for not complying with the City's By-laws. See the City of Coquitlam's City By-Law section or search their website for specific details as to how to react to stray dogs and owners who abuse or don't comply with the By-laws with regards to leashing.
  • Dog owners have the responsibility of cleaning up their dog's pooh - we saw owners bringing their own plastic bags to clean up the litter. Again, be aware that it is a City By-law violation if you see owners not abiding with it.
  • In one of the parks ( Kerswick ), we actually experienced another older child bullying our young child and trying to grab my child's own snack which almost spoiled our fun. I found out that the father was just close behind and seemed not to care about it!

We view a park as a venue for fun and excitement, but, just in case some of these bad examples or experiences happen to you and your family, make sure you have the following phone numbers handy - (these numbers may change with time so make sure to check out the City of Coquitlam (or your city's public site) for updated details:

Important Phone Numbers:

  • 911 (Emergency Only)
  • Policing Services ( non-emergency): 604-945-1550
  • Bylaw Enforcement: 604-927-7387
  • Leisure and Park Services: 604-927-3538

Popular Coquitlam BC Parks

Enjoy your barbecues and picnics. Here's a brief list of some of the parks we've experienced: (Note:We've included some Google maps links for your convenience).Please also note that we've started out from the Lougheed Skytrain station as it's the closest and most convenient access to these public parks in Coquitlam.

Blue Mountain Park 975 King Albert Avenue
(address: 975 King Albert Avenue)

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Maillard Middle School Field
1300 Rochester Avenue

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Keswick Park
(across the Lougheed Skytrain station - cross the Lougheed Highway - sorry Google maps doesn't show specific park location )

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