Cyber City Xiamen

The Cyber City Xiamen which nicknames such as Electronics City Xiamen, or Computer City, is the place for us "Geeks" to find stuff we need in our daily programming tasks, computer upgrades and assemblies, networking computers, or perhaps just plain window-shopping.

What can we find in the Cyber?
I'll break this down a bit below as an unordered list:

  • computers - servers, desktops, notebooks/laptops.
  • network routers, switches, hubs, cables
  • wireles NIC (network interface) cards
  • printers, printer inks, computer cases
  • monitors - all types of computer monitors
  • speakers
  • MP3, MP4, DVD's players, disks
  • power plugs, IC's, and other peripherals.

There are really tons of stuff out in the Cyber City Xiamen which can drive us or "tempt" us to spend the bucks.
At times you might find some "hawkers" roaming around with smuggled DVD's on the sidewalks near the Electronic City, in Xiamen. Please take precautions before deciding to purchase such goods. The 'balancing act' is yours.

How do I reach the Cyber City Xiamen?

  • taxi - if you're a first timer and staying in a hotel, please inquire with the receptionists or bellboys on how to get there. There should be available documentation on how to reach the cyber city. Let them write in Chinese the translated name of Cyber City or Electronics city. Most cab drivers know the place, well, not unless you meet a new driver in town.
  • public bus - same principle as the above (taxi) but then you save money as taking a public bus in the city is much cheaper than the cab rides. But is a bit slower.

Popular Public Bus Routes: 45, 23, 30, 99

cyber city electronics city in xiamen china.

Can't find a map? Try printing the pictures on this page and show them to the cab or bus drivers, there are Chinese characters on the pictures which could help the locals identify your destinations.

As soon as you set your foot down the Electronics City, try to take a short stroll in the shops near the main entrance. Beware that prices vary from store to store and you may need to use some 'bidding' techniques (please see the sites's archived travel articles link and do your Shopping homework first : )

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