Cyber Video Xiamen

This cyber video page of the Electronics City in Xiamen includes a number of footages inside and outside of the E-city Xiamen.

Videos include shots of older as well as the newer buildings, street vendors trading on different multimedia, software, hardware, gadgets and the like within different areas of the mall's vicinities.

There's lots of fun during weekends in this electronics city in Xiamen as popular tech companies do road shows, techies demonstrate newer or popular gadgets and of course sales or discounts happen, and of course in-coming repairs contribute to better business.

The videos also show the different residential as well as commercial neighbors of the cyber mall - hotels, clubs, tea houses, ktvs as well as other entertainment venues close by. Also we'll include some Yuandang Lake coverage to perk it up!

Hope you enjoy them and please do come back often for more video updates. Catch you there!

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