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We're reviewing some Fuzhou hotels we have 'actually' experienced, on this page.
You would need to do more of those 'Sherlock Holmes' stuff before you really sleep on that favorite hotel bed - don't forget those extra precautions we kept 'shouting' - location, safety, security, hygiene and transportation convenience. Use your judgement! Also, don't forget that this city is a bit more crowded than our favorite Xiamen and also has a bit more of air pollution. Just keep walking and riding buses, but remember safety first! You'll know about it as soon as you 'land' on the city. Everything is improving within the city (and the whole of China), and it's all going to be good for everybody, though :) so just enjoy your travel and life here...

The Hua Xiang Lou Hotel

fuzhou hotel hua xiang lou

Address: No. 125 Wu Si road
Phone: 0086-591-87980666
Fax: 0086-591-87876678
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