Granville Island Vancouver

It's time to go to Granville Island Vancouver when the weather's clear.
We consider the Granville Island trip one of the most "artistic" and unforgettable due to the great atmosphere, and great food!

How to Get to the Granville Island Vancouver

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The best way to discover the island is to go online at Google Maps and click on "Get directions" ( driving, walking and public bus directions ) to the Granville island.

At this time of writing there is no direct Sky Train links to the island but there are enough buses to take you there.
We'll cite examples of directions in this website mainly from core Downtown Vancouver. Let's start from the Granville Skytrain Station and use Google Maps for driving and public transit directions, respectively. (see map inset )


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Driving and Public Bus Directions to Granville Island Vancouver from Google Maps

(Note: Depart time sample is 9:00 am. Time tables are for your convenience only. For accurate scheduling/timing, please visit Google Maps and click on "Get directions". ).

Driving directions to Granville Island Vancouver2.7 km.
About 5 mins Granville Skytrain

1. Head northwest on Dunsmuir St toward Granville St 0.1 km
2. Turn left at Howe St 1.5 km
3. Slight right at Granville St 0.4 km
4. Slight left at Anderson St 0.1 km
5. Turn left at Cartwright St 0.3 km
6. Turn left at Johnston St 0.2 km

Transit directions to Granville Island Travel time: about 22 minWalk to SB Howe ST FS Dunsmuir ST Bay 4 About 2 mins

Use caution – This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths.
1. Head northwest on Dunsmuir St toward Granville St 0.1 km
2. Turn left at Howe St 28 m
3. Walk to SB Howe ST FS Dunsmuir ST Bay 4 About 2 mins

Bus - 050 - Waterfront STN/False Creek South - Direction: 50 False Creek SouthService run by TransLink
9:06am Depart SB Howe ST FS Dunsmuir ST Bay 4 (Stop ID: 58321)15 mins
9:21am Arrive EB w 2 AV NS Anderson ST (Stop ID: 58661)
Walk to Granville Island About 5 mins

History of Granville Island

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Here's an overview of the island's history:

  • The earliest settlers were the First Nations
  • Granville Island's name was inspired from the Granville Street Bridge located at the False Creek (once a sawmill hub).
  • False Creek houses Granville island and some people relate or call Granville Island False Creek or Industrial Island due to the factories which were established in the 1920's to the '30's.
  • During the Great Depression, several factories lost business and thus led to poverty and homelessness.

There were tons of arguments, plans, reclamations, and transformations made, which resulted to the now Granville Island, which became not just a tourist spot but stands as a great example of "teamwork" between Government and the multicultural Vancouverites.

Popular Places and Rides in the Granville Island Vancouver

Some of the more popular interesting places and rides, in the Granville Island are the following:

  • Kids Market - the island is also "kid-friendly" There are areas for baby-change and strollers (including rental). Things you can find in the The Kids Market are: toys, costumes, hand-made stuff, variety of puppets, colorful kites, an indoor play area and other unique things, for everyone.
  • Public Market - find salmon, prawns, produce, coffee, variety of local and international cheeses, musrhrooms, and other unique stuff
  • Street Shows - entertainers and Buskers live on the streets of the island: comedians, clowns, local and international musicians, jugglers, dancers, fire-eaters, variety of bands. Most musicians we've met have their own CD's and are sold during their performances. Some venues accept donations or tips on the "floor hat".If you're thinking about busking, you might need to contact first the Granville Island Cultural Society which handles the buskers' group.
  • False Creek Ferry
  • Aquabus
  • The Granville Island Brewery
  • Restaurants, pubs, hotels - draft beer, wines, hotdogs, salads, and accommodations. Find all kinds of entertainment on the island as well. If you go for the beer, make sure you find the pub which offers a great view - probably overlooking the Granville bridge.
  • Art Theaters - check-out the Island's newsletters or pamphlets for current art galleries, shows and venues.
  • Emily Carr Institute - a popular design school in the country is also located in this Island. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the school and see the unique and attractive design of the building.
  • The Drum Center - for fellow musicians! Well, say, drums, drums, drums, they've got all kinds of drum and percussion in here. The Drum Center also offers music lessons for both adults and kids.

Note:At the time we visited the Island, it was a bit frustrating to find a public washroom, but not until we discovered a small group / line, having the same issue, outside a small pub. Got it?


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