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We'll share info on travel safety and budget as well as tricks on how to choose excellent but safe hotel locations as well as "clean" places to eat.

Let's start out with a brief history as well as some facts and figures of the city.....

History and Facts and Figures
of Guangzhou China

  • Guang zhou is the capital of Guangdong Province
  • Located SouthEast of the Guang dong Province and close (North) to the South China Sea
  • Located beside Hongkong and Macao / Macau
  • Located at the top part of the Pearl River Delta
  • One of the most popular Chinese ports to be frequented by international and European sailors and traders.
  • The capital was where Sun-Yat-sen "home-based" his political works, including his setup of his own military academy
  • It was were the Chinese Revolution originated.
  • Original name was "Chu Ting".Other names were "Panyu"
  • The city is also "nick-named" "rice-spike city", "city of the rams" and popularly called the "city of flowers"
  • Languages or dialects are Cantonese (Yue), Mandarin (Putonghua) and English (getting popular, just like in all parts of China )

How to Get Here

Most International airports (Africa, Asia, America, Oceania and Europe) have routes to the Baiyun International Airport.
To us, hongkong is still the best starting route as it's the major point of destination in and out of Asia, considering Hong kong's cleanliness and low crime rates, and the shopping.
If you're visiting hongkong, make sure to drop-by some neighboring cities within the Pearl River Delta such as Guangzhou.

Please check with your travel agencies for updated info on travel times and mode of transportation. Also note that people with "special access needs" might have fewer availabilites for access.

So, to write an overiview of how to get here, here are the different modes of transpo:

  • If you're coming in from Hongkong or Shenzhen, the catamaran, expressway, ferry and of course, airport services are available
  • Plane travel from most International and Domestic airports
  • Bus - "a-la Greyhound travel from city to city"
  • Car - long drive from hongkong or from local cities, where routes are accessible.

Foreign Consulates within Guangzhou China

Note:There are numerous foreign consulates within Guangzhou China and these consulates or embassies are gaining numbers. Info keeps updating, thus we advice readers to visit specific foreign consulates they are interested in by first doing a quick search-engine check in the Internet for their respective websites.

Here's our list of foreign consulates not only in Guang zhou, but also some parts of South China such as Xiamen.

The Weather in Guangzhou South China

The weather in the city is obviously in parallel with the country, but here's some pointers:

  • average temperature is 22.8℃
  • it has a sub-tropical climate
  • gets really humid during Summer

Some of the best months to start your visit and tour the city are from September (end of month), up to May.
Summer is a bit humid, so please take note of the humidity as well as the relation to the city's population during these time of the year.

Transportation in Guangzhou

This is one of the busiest city, we've been to in the Mainland. Tons of public and private transportation are available within seconds outside of your hotel or residence. Incredible! but sometimes a bit un-comfortable and non-relaxing especially when you're stressed with work or life in this city.
Note:You might find some taxi drivers are annoying as they would follow you (hold your hand at times) and ask if you wanted a cab. Remember to keep calm as this is one of their business gestures - but be alert, though, balance the scenario!

Let's mention some public transportation available to enjoy your city or inter-city rides, within Guangzhou China:

  • Ferries or Ferry buses - to and from Hongkong and neighboring cities, such as Macau and other local cities.(Seems like a version of the Seabus in Vancouver, BC). Check-out the Guangzhou Ferry company for more into through your local directories or hotels.
  • Taxi - (remember the notes above) or you may find our Xiamen taxi tips useful.
    Taxis in the city are everywhere. Color-coding is for specifying different cab companies' brand. Wave your hand, or shout taxi and there's your cab. Take note of those meters and review the Xiamen taxi guide.
  • Guangzhou Metro - something like the Hongkong MTR or rail system. Fares can be purchased through cell phones, ticket dispensers in the terminals. If you don't have "loonies" handy, you may use bills or get change from local banks, earlier before your travels.
  • Public Bus - again, prepare coins or loose change before putting one foot up these buses and don't forget that the front bus door is the entrance and exit from the back. You may pay fees through the coin slot machines (close to the driver) or pay using something like an "E-tong" card which we featured in Xiamen.
Note:Their are numerous private car rental companies, but popular car rental channels, are the local hotel in Guangzhou China.


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