Hong Kong Travel Guide

Let us be your Hong Kong travel guide for now : ). Here, we'll share with you our travel and life experiences about this dynamic city.
To start it out, let's go and explore HongKong together and do a breakdown as to how we can reach the place:

How to Get Here

You can do a Hong Kong travel via:

  • Air - travel from most major international airports of the world as well as popular airports from within Mainland China.
  • Bus - travel from most neighboring cities within South China such as Xiamen, Quanzhou, ShenZhen, Guangzhou and other Southern cities.

  • Ferry - rides from closer Southern China places such as Guangdong and Macau.
  • Train - travel from cities such as Beijing, as well as train routes from Guangdong such as Shenzhen andGuangzhou and other popular cities with designated train routes.

Do You Need a Visa?

Yes and no, it depends from which country you're coming from - your nationality counts.You would need to take time to inquire with your local Chinese consulates, travel agents or other related organizations if you need or not need to obtain a visa for that Hong Kong travel.Please make this a point before your travel, as some tourists come to hong kong for work without a valid working visa. Stay away from being deported from immigration and double-check with the proper organizations within your localities about the variety of available visas.

Nationalities of selected countries, usually can get a visa-upon-arrival on their points of entries and the maximum staying period is from seven days to two weeks of legal stay whilefor some other nationalities, around a maximum of 6 months stay. Again, check with related organizations on the minimum, maximum visa durations applicable to you, as well as the possibilities and legalities of converting and extending your visas.
It sometimes gets 'unpleasant' in HongKong especially when dealing with some 'unique' individuals (if you've been there, you know what I mean right?). So, be sure that you have prepared your papers and don't forget to bring along a friend or company rep when you are new in the city.

Electric Voltage

I remember the nights when I used to stay in a cheap motel in HongKong - I have to borrow from housekeeping an adaptor to be able to iron my clothes,'pound' and practice on my electronic keyboards in the motel room at night before the gigs the next day.Whether you're a touring musician or a young 'lost soul' who loves adventures, don't forget to bring along in your toolbox an extension cord as well as a 3-pronged plug, as it would save your days and nights in the city - make sure you have those suits ironed well before you hunt for a job tomorrow : )The standard electrical voltage is 220 Volts AC, 50 HZ.

Places to Stay

Check-out our version of the Hong Kong Hotels Guide and Directory.

Don't worry on your sleeps, as there are thousands of them in the city, you can be prudent or extravagant in your selections.
You could choose to share a room or dormitories or you could go solo-renting inns, motels, hotels, hostels, flats, condominiums, and hundreds of others.It's most recommended to check-out a sample room first before signing anything with the receptionist or bell boy, especially with regards to those inns or motels which are cheaper andnot popular. Why? Imagine signing up for a cheap room and later finding out after your great Cantonese dinner, that your toilet bowl won't flush!Also, consider the safety and hygiene travel factors and make them one of your top ten lists. You have your second Why? I can hear. Ok, safety and hygiene - Hong Kong is a safe city to live but we should all take precautions so we won't be victims of crime. Double lock doors, keep your money in the bank and if possible, put your passports in a safe before you call the day.

Hong Kong Sightseeing and Main Attractions

Tours, sightseeings, tourist spots and other popular HK sights and sounds


Banks and Financial Institutions

Banks, financial institutions, offshore investment companies


One way to acquire safe, comfortable accommodations, without sacrificing most of your budget, is to consider timeshares. They typically boast higher standard amenities, as they are affiliated with worldwide exchange groups. They are designed for the traveler who plans to return to Hong Kong again and again, but you can rent timeshare from existing owners, and not have the long term commitment. They are easily accessed online. Just make sure you are dealing with a reputable timeshare rental dealer.

That wraps-up our Hong Kong travel, let's take five and allow me to get back later and show you more 'tricks' as well as some pictures from my Hong Kong travels : )

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