The Huli Shan Fort in Xiamen

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The Huli Shan Fort in Xiamen, China, is famous for its Krupp. Yes, you heard me right Krupp, not crap! : ) It's in this fortress where the Krupp cannons stand. These German-made cannons stand high and mighty and preserved. Get ready for some history now..ready, aim, fire the cannons!

Huli Shan Fort Short Facts and History

THe Fortress:

  • and its Krupp cannons are results of the Westernization Movement in China in the last years of theQing Dynasty, the late nineteenth century up to the early twentieth century
  • is an independent and complete coastal fortress - take a look at the beach opposite the fortress.
  • was the central and commanding fortress among the eight fortresses located in the Xiamen Port
  • retained the military-architectural style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties - the main entrance strongly says that.

    The Krupp Cannon:

  • is the earliest, longest and most complete cannon preserved
  • is a 280 mm cannon rear-loaded cannon - wow, what a rear! :)

    So there you have it, the military-historical relationships of the HuliShan Fort and the Krupp cannons with that of Xiamen, China and the world.

What's interesting inside?

huli shan warrior

It's a fortress they say, but it's also a garden and a museum to me. It's a museum of cannons and other stuff. The fortress is also a place where you would find 'peace' although they usually relate the fortress with war on some site contents. Again, take a close look around and you'll find out that the soldiers back in time enjoyed peace within the fortress itself even in times of war. When you're there you'll see:

  • ancient swords, armaments, uniforms
  • exotic stones in display rooms
  • ancient trees
  • a cactus garden and fountains - well, of course, these are additional newly-built 'Eye Candies' for you and me.

How to Get Here

huli shan swords

Admissions: RMB 25.00 (at the time of this writing)
Transportation: Taxi, public bus
Popular Public Bus Routes: 22, 96, 2

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