Jinjiang Airport, Quanzhou

We had a recent visit to the Jinjiang airport in Quanzhou, Fujian, China, and would like to share with you what we experienced at that time.
Our trip started from the Zhuangyuan Street (which is Quanzhou's Mid-city center) and the trip was around 45 minutes by public bus.
The one-way air-conditioned-bus-ride cost us 4.5 RMB (at the time of this writing). You have to add an additional 1 RMB (at the time of this writing) for air-conditioned buses.

jinjiang airport bus

Tips and Tricks (To the airport)

I'll break down the tricks and send me the tips later, OK? : )

  • Prepare enough loose change for the trip (get your tickets and change from the bus attendant).
  • Beware of 'prying eyes' - keep your valuables in 'unique' places which won't attract attention.
  • Don't seat too far from the bus attendant when you're traveling alone - it's one form of security, seating at the rear always gives good opportunities for crime. Sorry if I scared you! It happens anywhere.

Tips and Tricks (Out of the Airport)

jinjiang airport queue

  • There's a taxi queue outside as well as 'motorcycle taxi's offering rides - don't be 'dogged', get help from the airport personnel before dealing with the drivers.
  • To take the public bus, walk out of the airport, walk past the parking lot, move towards your left and 'scan' the public buses from there.

Airport Facts

  • Location is close to downtown Quanzhou - would take you around 45 minutes by public bus from Quanzhou's city center to this airport.
  • Coffee shop, display areas, ATM's in the airport
  • Parking lots outside the airport
  • Car rental, taxis, public bus and motorcyle rides (motorcycle taxi) outside the airport.

jinjiang airport parking lot

Jinjiang airport parking lot

How to get here

Air Travel

  • Domestic airport to airport routes within China.
  • Route from Hong Kong's International Airport (well, Hong Kong is China. Take note that flights from here are experimental - please consult your travel agents).
  • Route from the Manila International Airport, Philippines (Flights are also experimental).

Bus Travel - long distance bus travels within China.

Train Travel - train rides to Quanzhou from different Chinese cities.

Taxi, public bus, motorcycles to and from the Quanzhou city center to this airport.

Address: Jinjiang airport, Quanzhou, China

Public bus routes: # 16
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