The Kaiyuan Temple, Quanzhou

The Kaiyuan Temple is a once in a lifetime experience. You should not miss this ancient attraction whenever you're in China. Below are some guidelines which could help you reach the temple in no time.

kaiyuan temple main

How to Get Here

quanzhou clock tower xibei

The best and fastest way for you to go to the temple is by starting out from the Clock Tower (see picture at right) - start where the ZhongShan road and Xi Jie (West street) intersects. From there, you would be able to find your way down to the temple by just going straight down Xi Jie. Upon reaching the temple, you have a number of choices to enter the temple at - front, side and back doors.

Admissions ticket: 10 RMB (at the time of this writing).
Transportation: Pedicabs, Motorcycle, Taxi, Public bus
Popular Public Bus Routes: #'s 40, 2, 26

What's Inside?

kaiyuan temple washrooms

  • East and West pagodas (Coupled pagodas)
  • Souvenir shops
  • Ancient trees
  • Ancient walkways, halls, walls and pavilions
  • Classical sculptures
  • Monks and tourists
  • Washrooms - you may not be able to notice immediately how the washrooms look like inside, as it looks exactly the same as one of those "ancient" pavilions - don't make the same mistake I did - Hey Watchout! : ) (seriously speaking, take a look at the picture at right).
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