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What's interesting with Lianhua Xiamen?

There were stories that Lianhua in Xiamen was once a place filled with Lotus plants(lianhua). We heard stories from locals that most part of the city at those early times, was a river filled with these beautiful lotuses.
Well, that's what most folks I was able to have a chat with used to say. Perhaps we all need to turn some book pages some time and learn more about Lianhua.
It may be pure fiction but stories about Xiamen just 'flow' into my imagination each passing year of my stay, in this gorgeous city.

lianhua donald's in lian hua xiamen chinaparking lots in xiamen lianhua district.street signs lianhua.

One can't imagine that the river flows from district to district at those early days, as when one sees Lianhua Xiamen at present, we can compare her to an attractuve Lotus which wears another kind of leaf - modern buildings rising, the popularity of Mc Donald's as a fast food chain, Korean, Sichuan and other local restaurant varietes opening up and serving exotic flavors. There is also the Philippine Consulate general which is housed together with modern residentials and villas, within the district.
Villas over here are mostly rented by local and international expatriates for business ventures as they find it economical to house their businesses. One classic example is the Philippine Consulate General as well as the Havana Latin Restaurant and Bar and most of the bigger restaurants and beauty parlors. This part of the city could also be included in those top ten list on the city's more convenient location to live, with regards to transportation and accomodation.

You will also find out that Lianhua as years passed, is one of those earliest places in Xiamen for shopping. Here, you'll see not only modern residentials but also fashion outlets such as the Everyday Online - which sells export-quality clothes which are mostly manufactured in Macau, Hongkong and the mainland as well as some local shops which sell clothing items and shoes from within the mainland. Have a short stroll around Lianhua Xiamen and discover what she has to offer.

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