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Have a great weekend shopping at the Metro Group Cash and Carry Xiamen.

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The Metro Group Cash and Carry Xiamen is also one of the newest and biggest shopping malls around Xiamen. We love the shopping environment at the Metro as there is more "elbow room" compared with other supermarkets which are a bit 'squeezy'. Metro is a bit out-of-town, though, but we still love its stuff.

What places are near the Metro Group Cash and Carry Xiamen?

What stuff does Metro have?

It's actually a supermarket under one roof which sells more unique stuff than ordinary supermarkets around Xiamen. Although more imported commodities can be found here, some purchases must be made in bulk - ex. softdrinks and imported beers.
Here's the stuff in Metro:

  • Imported and local Wines, spirits, beer and softdrinks.
  • Appliances, Computers, and Electronics
  • Clothes for export
  • Hotel utensils, Office equipment, Gym equipment
  • Electric bikes, bicycles
  • imported Italian pastas and spaghettis (which are my favorites), pickles, frozen food, fruits and vegetables stands, tunas, Korean and Japanese cold dishes, blue crabs.
  • Home improvement, decoration, textiles, and many other common supermarket stuff.

Hey, in case you don't know, there's a caveat - you would need a Metro membership card to be able to enter Metro - this card would serve as your gate pass which you surrender to the main entrance. One card serves multiple entrance, meaning you could bring your 'whole neighborhood' with just one Metro card : )
Alright, I'll give you a workaround on this: If you're working in Xiamen, ask your Human Resource on how to apply for a Metro card. If you don't have that 'resource', there's still another way -ask your friends and borrow one, bring along your 'band', and enjoy your Metro shopping : )

How to get here

Transportation: Taxi, public bus

Address: The Metro Group Cash and Carry Xiamen, Huli Chang Hao Road, Xiamen

Tel.: 0086-592-5758888

Popular Public Bus Routes: 33,22

*NOTES and other TIPS:* When you're in Metro (and in most popular supermarkets in Xiamen), you would have to check-in your bags in a locker before entrance. You need those RMB coins (1 RMB to be exact at this time), to be able to pry-open the vacant lockers. Deposit the coin in the locker-coin-hole then get your numbered keys from the locker itself. After shopping, use your keys to unlock lockers, then the locker should 'spit' back your previously deposited coin.

If you're bringing along your kids or babies, shopping, you might not be able to get them inside. Metro Xiamen, has that 'minimum' height-entrance-policy for the babes.
Well, if you insist to get the babes inside, you may have to have go and see the management. If they allow them (babes), inside, then, it is your responsibility from there, on.
When inside the Metro, don't forget to do 'heads-up'! I personally find Metro as a sort of a stock-room-shopping mall due to the crates (stocks) hanging above my head.

Also beware of 'illegal' transportation and of drivers 'hawking' around Metro which offers you a ride back to town, it's a 'bad luck' sign which is going to be one of the most expensive rides you'll have in Xiamen, remember the tips and tricks back at the Xiamen airport ? Better wait minutes longer for a cab or the public bus, than risk your life or spoil the shopping fun : )

So, take it easy, enjoy shopping through the Metro Group Cash and Carry Xiamen, and consider safe transport back home for you and your family.

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