Nanpuoto Temple

nanpuoto gate

nanpuoto pagodas

The Nanpuoto temple is one of the famous attractions in Xiamen. This temple was built in the Tang Dynasty and is still used up to now although the temple has undergone a number of renovations.

nanpuoto golden buddhas

Let me take you for a walk inside the temple:

"Imagine" you have just paid the admission's ticket. Let the front-door person get the stub of your ticket at the entrance, but don't forget to take back of what's left of the ticket - that's your souvenir for this trip. As soon as you're in the temple, feel free to look around with respect to those in prayers, remember this is "holy ground".

Inside, you will smell incense, see - buddhist scriptures, images, scrolls, bronze bells, tourists, monks, a vegetarian restaurant, washrooms, fish and lotus ponds, wishing areas (includes a rock and a pond where you could throw around coins and make a wish.(See the coins on top of the rock?

nanputoto stone wish2

- if your coin makes it and sits on the rock, make a wish or two, and that goes with the pond wishing area, too!) If ever you come back next year, and don't see your coins up there, don't ask me, ask the monks : ) Interesting right, but seriously, let's do a breakdown, now.

Nanpuoto Facts - What's Inside?

  • smell of incense
  • antiques - buddhist scriptures, golden buddhas, images, scrolls, writings on the wall
  • monks and tourists
  • a vegetarian restaurant
  • wishing areas - rocks and ponds
  • a mountain to climb
  • prayer areas
  • drinking areas and washrooms

How to get here

Address: Si Ming Nan road, Xiamen, Fujian, China

Transportation: Taxi, Public Bus
Popular Bus Routes: 45, 1, 47, 18

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