Old Buildings Video Diary
Quanzhou Fujian China

Old buildings in Quanzhou Fujian China are some of the most interesting 'spots' for foreign travelers. Consider building exploration as part of your travel itineraries as it is a lifetime experience.

You'll discover different types of building architectures, and relate those architectures to the different Chinese living styles as well as to your own lifestyle.
You may even find yourself, one day, living in one of those older buildings as it is one way to stay within your budget if you want to live in this classical city.

As you do your 'building explorations', please do not forget to respect privacy especially if you are invited within residential areas.

In a nutshell, after some old buildings exploration, I personally feel that the Chinese builders and architects, wayback in time, had been considering the human-convenience -factor in their building designs and architecture, as seen from the example videos.

Hope you enjoy this old buildings video diary as you discover your travel and life in China.

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