South China Photo Album

We're 'piling' shots (pix) of South China in this Photo Album.

Pictures include shots of Fuzhou, Hong Kong Quanzhou Xiamen and other personally traveled spots in the South.

You may consider these shots not 'expertly' done, so please don't flame us! We just wanted you to get a 'feel' of what's going on around here.

Well, if you have some stuff (which would help others benefit) from the North, South, East and West, let me know here.

No award-winning shots please, we might not be able to afford that price :)


Public Parks
Streets, Alleys, and Roads
Residentials including tips on flat-hunting
Xiamen University
Xiamen International Airport
Weather in Xiamen
Yuandang road
Lianhua road

Electronics City (Cyber City)




Popular Streets and Roads
Tell me more about Xiamen and South China
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