Qing Dynasty ( 1644-1911 )

We're not historians by birth, but here's an overview of what the Qing Dynasty was all about:

  • ( 1636 )The Qing or Ching Dynasty was also called the Manchu (now China's North East) Dynasty - it was put up by the Manchus in the 1600's.
  • (1661–1722 - under Emperor Kang Xi)
    - There were border conflicts between the Manchus and Russians.
    - The borders included the Outer Mongolia.
  • ( 1722–1735 under Emperor Yong Zheng )
    -Population "explosion" occurred.
    -Expansion on Commerical, Print, painting, handicraft, and ceramics industries mushroomed.- Ownership of land had great happenings, as well.
    Because of the above events there came poverty, which resulted in the Manchurian armies' "blurring picture in the scene".
  • (1850–64 under Emperor Tai Ping )
    (1853–68 under Emperor Nian )
    - Uprisings happened in-sync with the poverty and extinguishing popularity of the Manchu army.
    - Westernization was embraced.
    - Corruption took place.
    - Conflicts arose on topics of Westernization or the Modernization of that era which led to....
  • (1839–42)The Opium War
  • (1894–95) The Sino-Japanese War
  • (1900) The Boxer Rebellion

In the Ching Dynasty, popular arts were ceramics / pottery (porcelain) and painting, respectively, though Jade carving was also considered as popular.
The Peking Opera also gained popularity during these times.


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