The QingJing Mosque, Quanzhou

qing jing mosque quanzhou

The QingJing Mosque, Quanzhou is another famous attraction which you should not miss when you're in the city.Who knows,in your visit, you might meet a Secretary General or Vice President of other countries here, meaning, this mosque is that famous, internationally.

Visiting the mosque would give you insights on its unique architecture. Imagine how the Arabs and Chinese at those ancient times interacted!
Be a 'witness' through these ancient past while a "rush" feeling goes up and down your spine in the mosque.I strongly suggest that you use your imagination while in the mosque, let's go jump into our 'time machine', step back in time and take a look inside, imagine it's the year 1009 : )

Mosque Facts

qingjing tombstones

  • Admissions Fee: RMB 3.00 (at the time of this writing)
  • Also named Kylin (Chinese Unicorn) Mosque, Shenyou Mosque or Ashab Mosque, in Arabic.
  • Was built by the Arabian Muslims in the year 400 (Islamic Calendar), well that's around the year 1009 in the Northern Song Dynasty (please don't flame me, it's all on the historical books and written on the ancient walls : )
  • Oldest mosques among existing ones in China.
  • Had undergone a number of 'facelifts' done by Persian aliens.

What's interesting inside?

qingjing ancient well

You won't bump into real Persian aliens, mummies or 'duddies' inside, but here's what the Ashab offers:

  • Stone tablets - containing inscriptions 'prescribed' by an emperor in the Ming Dynasty, protecting Islam in China.
  • Stone inscriptions and other tablets recording inscriptions of the mosque's date of construction and other historical 'facelifts' done on the mosque.
  • Worshipping halls
  • Grave and Tombstone samples
  • An ancient well (nearly a thousand years old) - hey! take a peek inside the well and tell me what kind of 'grass' you see, were they 'puffing' all those years, or am I just being paranoid, what do you think dude, let me know after your visit : )?
  • Ancient incense burners
  • An 'Islam in Quanzhou' exhibition room
  • Nature - flowers and butterflies
  • A model of the mosque
  • A French restaurant - well, actually, it's at the rear of the mosque.

    How to get here

    qingjing worship hall

    Transportation:pedicabs, motorcycles, taxi, public bus

    Address:The QingJing Mosque, Tu Men Jie (Tu Men Street), Quanzhou city, Fujian, China

    Phone: (0086) (595) 2274888 (Quanzhou's Tourism Office)

    Popular Public Bus Routes: #'s 3, 4, 25, 26, 19

    qing jing french restaurant

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