Quanzhou Bikes

Quanzhou bikes are one of the more popular form of transportation not only in this city but also in neighboring South China cities.
These local bikes are one of the most attractively-designed bicycles in the province and the country and one can notice that there was some technology borrowed from the Japanese and Americans in the manufacture of these bicycles.

However you call them - comfort bike,comfort bicycle, specialized bikes, trek bikes, bicycle folding, race bikes, cruiser bikes, Quan zhou has 'em all.

trek bikes,bicycle folding,race bikes,cruiser bikes

If you are a 'Bike to Work Week' fanatic, then, living in Quan zhou might be the 'in' thing for you to do. You save not only your cash but also contribute to the environment. Go green but don't forget road safety.

Riding your 'giant bikes' in Quanzhou is fun, but keep in mind that the city has traffic rules which you may find weird compared to where you came from, so, make sure to get yourself insured before you pedal out on the streets. Not to mention that you'll be cruising together with buses, motorcycles, pedicabs and pedestrians on a daily basis. Grab a helmet....

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