The Quanzhou Bus Station

quanzhou bus station

Main bus station building

The Quanzhou bus station has undergone renovations recently and is now at par with its new look and systems with that of the Xiamen bus stations. There is a big improvement on the following:

  • Passenger and bus queues - more organized than years before, as there are now assigned gates for specific bus travel routes. The bus you would take would be near their assigned gates, unlike before which were a bit disorganized.
  • Bus service - the quality of service is being improved by giving the passengers more on-board entertainment such as DVD movies and digital audio.
  • Bus qualities - the bus itself has gone a long way with regards to quality - most are new and well-maintained buses.
  • Passenger safety and health - no more smoking on buses. Well that might be a disadvantage to our traveler friends who smoke. Also, Passengers are now required to fasten the seat belts when they take the front seat (usually when you take the seat near the driver's).

What are common scenarios in and around this bus terminal?

quanzhou roundabout

Roundabout tower

You'll know when you're in the Quanzhou bus terminal just by looking around - take note of the Roundabout tower (see picture above). And here are some common sights to note:

  • A police station
  • Baggage security checkpoints
  • Public bus stands with routes toward the city center and neighboring cities.
  • Waiting areas
  • Snack stands
  • Motorcycle taxis
  • Pedi cabs
  • Washrooms
TIP: After leaving your bus, you might encounter an 'unpleasant' welcome from drivers letting you take their transportation - you don't have to talk to them, forget about their hassles, ignore their invites, to say NO - wave your hand or nod your head, proceed walking and don't look at them. Well, if 'symptoms' continue and 'bug' does not really get the message, shout - BUG OFF and TAKE YOUR HANDs OFF ME!, that should be the last trick you need to do : )
You might be also tempted to take the motorcycle taxis, BUT think twice, as these 'taxis' are probably un-registered with the transportation bureau. Meaning, they may lack the necessary permits to take passengers. It would be risky to take them and the drivers usually practice non-standard pricing. If you then really decide to ride these bikes, then, make sure that the driver has a spare helmet for you to use and you know where you're going - and don't forget your life insurance before that 'roller coaster' ride : )

How to get here

quanzhou station tickets

Bus ticket booths

Address:Quanzhou Bus Station, Fujian, China

Information / Phone: (0086)(595)22589904

Popular inter-city public bus routes: # 33, 16, 18

*NOTE*: Traveling from Xiamen to the Quanzhou bus station, takes around 2 hours by bus - we recommend that you buy your tickets at least a day before departure to avoid the hassles in queuing up in line.If you're coming from different neighboring parts of China with bus routes to Quanzhou, please consult first with your travel agents and spend your monies wisely - hand them over ONLY to trusted, certified and tested travel or booking agencies.
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