Quanzhou Countryside Videos

A visit to the Quanzhou countryside can really make a difference in your travel experiences in China, make it unique and complete.
If you are living in downtown Quanzhou, no worries, it's plain and easy to go to the countryside - take a public bus or hire a private car from your hotel (of course with the help of a translator if you have language conflicts) or you can also pedal around or ride motor bikes to complete the adventure quickly.

Places to visit in the countryside:

  • hills
  • hutongs
  • folk houses
  • temples

    Well, the best bet to be able to find a host in the countryside is to ask your local friends if they happen to have relatives out there and let them spend some days or nights with you - hear, taste and feel the difference in the countryside. Unique food, atmosphere, lesser population (depends on which area you're looking at), warm accomodations and of course, you won't even loose your worldwide connections as the countryside has Internet connections, so, don't forget to bring your laptops and click away from the countryside, virtually, and I'll meet you there soon...

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