The Quanzhou Hotel

The Quanzhou hotel has a new look which blends well with the city's rich cultural background. I felt it was more on a Vegas-look and feel, that the management has incorporated on the hotel.
When you're taking a walk at night, don't forget to walk by the Zhuan Fu Xiang lane and see this hotel's light displays and fountains outside the hotel.

Hotel Facts

quanzhou hotel lobby

  • good service
  • good food - Chinese and Western restaurants
  • good location - walking distance to Zhongshan road, Kaiyuan Temple, department stores, malls, Clock Tower, post office, banks, taxi stands, bus stands, pedicabs, barbershops, beauty salons, clinics, restaurants.

Transportation: Pedicabs, motorcycles, taxi, public bus
Address: No.22 Zhuang Fu Lane,Quan zhou,Fujian,China Postcode:362000
Popular Public Bus Routes: # 33

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