Quanzhou Hotels Review

We would be "reviewing" some favorite Quanzhou hotels (budget ), as well as be giving recommendations here. You could find more information by contacting the hotels directly and finding out if their service and hospitality by that one inquiry, would suit your personal travel needs. Don't forget those main travel needs or factors before you make that final hotel decision - ex. safety, service, location, accommodation, food and communication (can the staff speak your language?).

# 1.) The Golden Star Hotel

- the Golden Star Hotel's location is excellent - near the Zhuangyuan street and close to other tourist attractions, such as the Kaiyuan temple. This hotel is highly recommended due to its service and friendly staff .

golden star hotel quanzhou night view

Learn more about this strategically located hotel.

#2.) The Quan zhou Hotel

- the Quan zhou hotel had a new "facelift".I thought I was in Vegas when we walked through the Zhuang Fu Lane that night : )

quanzhou hotel

Click here to learn about the Quan zhou hotel

#3.) The Carp City Hotel

Learn something about the Carp City

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