Quanzhou Pedicab Rides Video Blogs

Hope these quanzhou pedicab rides video blogs could be a part of your research on Quanzhou.

Ride the pedicabs in Quanzhou to get a feel of the city's hutongs or alleys. Don't worry if you can't speak the language, do "sign language" and you'll be clearly understood.

Here are quick tips on doing the Quanzhou pedicab rides:

  • Bargain, bargain, bargain
  • Do hand or sign language if you're not fluent in Mandarin (just like me).
  • Most pedicabs have a maximum sitting capacity of 3 (excluding the cycler). You could take the back seat of the cycler if you want to, but take precaution, as there are thousands of motorbikes and cars in Quanzhou doing random overtakes, meaning, the pedicabs share lanes with public transportation! Hey, are you actually insured?
  • Pedicabs are available day and night (but not that late).
  • Pedicab cyclers don't issue receipts after the rides.
  • There are no helmets available in the rides.
  • Be aware of price surprises - your price deals might change after getting down of those pedicabs.

To sum it up - heed the advice above, before having your 'buttocks' seated on hard wood : )

If you're short on time you could do some 'experiments' and play the videos 'back-to-back'. If you're studying Mandarin or Min Nan, wear an earphone, and pay attention to the language/dialects spoken, to hear and distinguish the tones. Do it while you sip coffee or 'puff' your stuff ; )

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