Quanzhou Shopping Guide

I personally feel that Quanzhou shopping and sightseeing has several things in common because most shopping areas are located in Quanzhou's historical settings such as the Zhuangyuan street, Qingjing Mosque Kaiyuan temple and the Chengtian temple. These are just plain examples where you can see such historical attractions blend with the modern shopping era. So to speak, Quanzhou's full of fun shopping and sightseeing, and so let's start to visit the most common and interesting places for us to shop and 'burn' the monies.

Most interesting places to shop at are:

quanzhou shopping guide fujian china

  • Nanjun Lane (Nanjun Xiang)
  • TuMen Street (TuMen Jie)
  • East Street (Dong Jie)
  • ZhongShan Road (ZhongShan Lu)
  • Da Xi Street (Da Xi Jie)

Unique and Interesting Items to see:

  • Chinese dresses
  • Local, imported or for-export clothes, shoes
  • Chinese Muppets or Puppets - which are usually used in the local puppet shows.
  • Tea varieties
  • Local and imported spirits and tobacco
  • Musical instruments
  • Chinese arts and crafts
  • Computers and other electronic items - watch out for pirated softwares, they're cheap and you come cheap with them too when you're caught - I heard horror stories somewhere in China wherein a foreigner who sold pirated softwares and went 'cheaply' to jail.
  • Local and imported food and snacks
  • CD's, DVD's, MD's - again, take note of those 'pirates'.

How to go around shopping

quanzhou shopping guide fujian china

We usually walk around Quanzhou shopping as we really wanted to feel her 'shopping atmosphere'. Moving around depends on your time and mood. Sometimes, you might just want to go around window shopping and it's best to have your feet 'massaged' by the 'Silk Road' sometimes : )

Modes of Transportation

  • Pedicabs
  • Motorcycle Taxis - there they go again those 'roller coasters' : (
  • Taxis
  • Public bus

Shopping Safety Tips

quan zhou shopping guide in fujian china

'Shop 'til you drop' but don't let the blues get you down.

    Always remember to keep your valuables in unique places away from those prying eyes, well, unless I'm barking at a wrong tree - don't tell me you're going pick pocketing in the city, you'll get mugged if you're caught!
  • Take those emergency numbers with you - 110,114, 119, 120, remember those 1's up front.
  • Food in Quanzhou is great - use common sense when scouting for your favorite eateries and take hygiene seriously.
    When you smell trouble, leave the area immediately and take a break in your hotel or cool off in KFC or McDonald's - retreat!

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