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Now, let's take a short journey of Quanzhou. I would be covering here my continuing experience of this cultural-rich beautiful city and promise to give you more information in increments, as there are tons of things and places to discover about. If you want to have some historical background, click here to have an overview of the city's history.
If you're excited and can't wait, let's do some explorations a step at a time, and concentrate our travel first, within the city center...let's go.

How to Get Here

Again, whether you're coming from Europe, North America or whichever part of the world, our most recommended travel "route" to Quanzhou, is via Hong Kong. From Hong Kong, you could travel via air (please consult your travel agents) or long-distance bus.
Travel to Quanzhou via Hong Kong is again, recommended, if you are originating from a non-Asian country which has no direct flights to this city.

TIP: If you really want to save more bucks, go take the bus from Hong Kong. It has the added benefit of seeing how travel, life and culture interconnect within the Southern cities. Travel by bus takes around 10 hours including lunch or dinner in a "lower-class" hotel, while air travel to the Jinjiang airport, takes around 2 and a half hours including check-out formalities with Customs and Immigration. Only take the bus if you have time for sight-seeing.

*NOTE:* There are a number of bus companies from Hong Kong which service the trip, please choose the one which goes direct and does not change buses in the Hong Kong - Shen Zhen border. This method makes the difference in saving time in your travels.
Also, please consult with your travel agents before deciding to take direct flights to the Jinjiang airport, via HongKong , as there are still limited and controlled flights over there, well I'll call them personally as "experimental" flights. At the time of this writing, there are only special direct flights from Manila to Jinjiang and HongKong to JinJiang, and vice-versa. These flights might still be "messy" for all of us, so, get that advice from your travel agent before spending those hard-earned monies.

If you're starting your travels from within China, please check your travel agents on direct domestic flights to the Jinjiang airport, as well as availabilities of train and bus rides.
You might also decide to transit over at Xiamen, and from there, you could take the bus or taxi, which usually takes around 2 hours.

How to Get Around

quanzhou street directions

When you're in the city center, you could enjoy a walk around, as places are close enough. You have a number of "ride" choices:

  • Pedicabs Follow the above link to have a 'FREE' ride on a pedicab. This video blog would take you out on a 'bumpy' but enjoyable ride on the streets of the city as you view ancient temples, folk houses, hutongs, and beautiful people. Get tips and tricks as well as other stuff, hold on to your 'butts', GO!

  • Road Bicycles - electric bikes are getting popular.
  • Motorcycle Choppers , anyone?
  • Taxis - check pointers on how to save money and be a confident taxi passenger within the city and the country.
  • Public bus - learn more money-saving tips on public transits in the city of Quanzhou.

Popular Places of Interest

There are lots of places to visit and research on, but I just wanted to let you know first the most popular ones, including the most common places of interest:


  • Shopping Guide - shopping tips on the more popular areas as well as tricks to shopping safety, hygiene and fun.

Quanzhou Restaurant and Hang-Outs Guide

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