Rainbow Mall - Department Store, Xiamen

rainbow mall xiamen

The Rainbow Mall or department store in Xiamen is also under the 'big' shopping malls or department stores list in Xiamen.
We frequently shop in this mall due to its convenient location and its 'shopping elbow room' as we find it as one of those department stores or malls which are not so crowded.

Shopping Mall Facts

  • Good location - walking distance to, two local markets, Sheraton Hotel, Appliance centers, international kindergarten.
  • Friendly service - they also deliver goods if you purchase at a certain purchase level.

What's inside and around the Rainbow?

  • A shoe repair stand
  • Local and imported men's and ladies shoes and clothes - K-SWISS, Caterpillar, Belle, and others.
  • Local and imported watches and jewelry stores
  • Local and imported spirits and tobacco
  • A supermarket - it's on the 2nd floor
  • KFC
  • A pharmacy
  • A bookstore - mostly Chinese books, sorry : )
  • Home and Appliance centers
  • Elevators and escalators - the elevators are a bit narrow and small thus might be a bit of an inconvenience for disabled travelers, especially those on wheelchairs.
  • A bus terminal - located at the mall's back. You could also take normal public bus rides from the bus stands located up front.
  • Parking lots - a bit narrow and located near the public roads just beside KFC up front.

How to get here

Address: The Rainbow Shopping Mall (Tian Hong),
#323 Jiahe road, Xiamen (Walking distance from the Sheraton Hotel ).


Transportation: Taxi, public bus

Popular public bus routes: #'s 27, 99
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