Real Estates in Xiamen China

xiamen china residential buildings 2

Let's roam around the city and 'scrutinize' some stolen shots of the real estates in Xiamen China.
We'll see how the flats look like over here, as well as wander about some popular roads which house bachelor pads, flats and popular villas and other forms of 'shelter' which you may find 'strange' or interesting.

Renting Tips

Be on your guard against 'filthy' landlords, most especially house agents. Never deal with them alone! You should be wise enough to bring a local boyfriend or a girlfriend (a foreign friend who's been lingering in Xiamen for quite some time would also do the trick) along before you even draw out money from your bank or your pockets!

I'll give you a short breakdown as to how real-life real estates in Xiamen China is 'basically' done, again, you are the "Sherlock Holmes" : )

  • Bring a friend who's familiar with the vicinity and is experienced in the process of hunting for a flat.
  • Do not bring or show anybody important documents yet, better, Xerox-copy your passports, and other valuable documents before flat-hunting. Leave your valuables in the bank or in your hotel safe, and lock them down. Better yet, get them in a fire-proof safe.
  • There are hundreds of house agents in the city, so, don't rush as for sure, you will find shelter. You just have to get it right the first time.
  • Let your friend(s) scout for and deal with house agents
    How do you know how a house agent looks like? Do window shopping. Most agents have flat pictures on their office windows displayed which come along with prices.
  • If you "feel" the agent's service is great and sincere, don't fall in love with him/her at first sight! Remember those hundreds of agents waiting in line for you. Instead,
  • Ask for the agent to show you one sample flat or room you fell in love with. Again, things are not free anymore, you would have to prepare some budget for this. Ask first how much they would charge for showing you a sample room. If you can 'charm' the agent to have it shown for free, then that's great- you saved the bucks.
  • After looking at the sample rooms or flats, earlier, and you are not satisfied, then, repeat the above steps and apply it to another agent until you get the one that really satisfies you.

Remember that there are hundreds of house agents in Xiamen, you have to get it done right, the first place, within the process.

This is just the beginning of your adventures in Xiamen, we'll be talking more about how to live (and love) 'more interestingly but safely' within the real estates in Xiamen China page.So, please stay put.....

xiamen china residential buildings

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