Richmond BC Travel and Life Info

Richmond BC (British Columbia, in Canada) is one of the dynamic cities within BC, that we were able to roam about.

Here are some interesing facts about the city of Richmond:

  • it is where YVR or the Vancouver International Airport is located
  • it lies South from the City of Vancouver
  • it is within the GVRD ( Greated Vancouver Regional District )
  • original name was initiated by Hugh McRoberts, an Australian farmer
  • a famous salmon canning place called Stevenston, is located southwest of Rich mond BC.
  • immigrants living in Richmond are mostly from China, Japan, India and the Philippines

Maps and Directions

The best starting location, as a mapping example, obviously is from the YVR (Vancouver International Airport ).

By the year 2010, Canada Line would be able to provide rapid transit like the Skytrain, from the YVR to downtown Vancouver.

Here's the map:

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Some popular shopping places are:

  • Richmond Centre
  • Lansdowne Centre
  • Steveston Village
  • Golden Village
  • Ironwood

Hotels and Accommodation

Find popular hotels close to the YVR here


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