South China Entertainment

We created this South China Entertainment page as one form of answer or solution to most of your questions below - an "Entertainment Water Cooler!"

Some questions are:

  • How do you entertain yourself in South China?
  • How can we stay sane in a strange land like this?
  • How do we network?
  • Where can we relax after work?
  • How do we fight stress?
  • How do we apply for an Internet or DSL connection, who are the providers?
  • How do we apply legally and setup a digital TV entertainment system?
  • How do we survive?

    I'll be coming back for your entertainment needs later in the day, apologies to keep your buds dry for the moment : )

    For Musicians

    Some of us South China travellers are music-minded or actual professional musicians and may be wondering as to how to get our gadgets in the South. We may be even feel desperate at times before even reaching our Southern China destinations for our gigs or tour and ask questions such as:

    • Where is the nearest music store where we could get our gadgets or accessories such as guitar strings, MIDI keyboards, drums and percussions?
    • What if my Les Paul breaks and where can we buy a Gibson Les Paul in South China?
    Considering the language barrier, sometimes we get stoned and can't move on and find answers.
    The answers are quite simple - bear in mind that in whichever part of a Southern city you are destined for a gig or tour, most music stores are located downtown and one best bet is the Zhongshan road, where most Southern and Chinese cities base their commercial districts. It's one of the most common Chinese roads where downtown is located. Some music stores sell appliances as frontline products, thus the musical instruments are sometimes camouflaged or not noticeable. Southern China music stores also offer financing and most require local major credit cards and your valid sponsoring company is also verified.
    More popular music stores in business are: Tom Lee and Parsons but there are also a number of small local stores which may sometimes surpass the quality of service that the biggies offer, so make it a habit to test them all before walking out with a final South China entertainment tool.

Nine Men's Morris Lovers

So you're bored in Xiamen - no friends, no girl, no boy no fun? No worries, learn the Nine Men's Morris (sorry girls, hope they could also call it Nine Women's Morris). Play with Technology and learn to have 'solo' fun here...

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