Tang Dynasty ( 618–907 )

This is not the main page for the Chinese rock band "Tang Dynasty", but rather a historical overview of that era.
Here's a brief overview of this popular Chinese dynasty:

  • Li Yuan was the first emperor of the dynasty.
  • Li Shimin was the second emperor.
  • Gaozong was the third emperor - conquered the Korean peninsula. Gaozong was not a strong ruler, thus his father's wife or concubine took over thus...
  • Wu Zhao (or empress Wuhou) took over Gaozong's place, above.
  • Foreign hospitality was seen with Persians and Arabian sea men who were roaming the ports at those times
  • Dance music was introduced and influenced by Central Asia.
  • Chang an (now Xi'an) was once the "stage" for Western music and dance. No wonder, when you visit Xi'an at this times, you'll see very good musicians and dancers.
  • Poetry was very popular
  • Figure, landscape and brush paintings were abundant and popular.
  • Foreign designs on potteries or ceramics were popular
  • Gold, silver and bronze decorations were also popular


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