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does it really hurt your pockets here?

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Where does your taxi wallet really 'hurt', in South China or abroad?
Do you:

  • Know how to save your money in a Quanzhou transportation or a taxi commute?
  • Get stressed or burned-out on the rides and spend more money and time renting a car, considering sky-rocketing gas prices?
  • Know where to go and complain when you discover that your Quanzhou cab ride is not mystic at all and you overpaid?

The above are just some of the scenarios of a typical local commute or as we may say a taxi-wallet-hurt, especially if you are new to the city and country but there are workarounds I'm going to share with you, which could make you a confident South China taxi passenger, later.

People around the world blog-about taxi service in China, but 'we' are probably missing something or just plain-lacking international travel?
After some wandering in some US and North American cities, I found out that I really felt more secured and relaxed on a South China cab (sorry but don't flame me's my own personal point of view) and my taxi wallet really hurt that time.Why? Well, first, there were the taxi tips abroad, and second the process of how you can 'order' a cab, is a bit opposite of how it's done in Quanzhou and her country.

Let's get back on track and do a short cut, here are the tips and tricks in doing your cab rides in Quanzhou - note that scenarios may change, so please take note:

  • Most taxi drivers in the South (or the country) don't ask for tips
  • Most taxi drivers here are friendly but always be on alert for some unique ones
  • Most (if not all) taxi drivers here don't speak English, so be prepared for a written Chinese version/translation of your destinations
  • Make sure to check the meter before riding the cabs
  • Make sure to get a receipt before stepping down - there is a complaint ph# on the receipt (might be in Chinese only but give it a shot). The flag times and taxi numbers are on the receipt, as well.
  • Some drivers offer you a smoke on a friendly gesture - better not 'puff' it especially if you're riding alone.
  • Buckle-up for safety, don't underestimate her laws.

These can also be applied in your taxi trips not only in Quanzhou city, but the rest of the Southern cities.

Overall, taking cabs in the South is fun and thrifty if you know what to do.
As a final note - insure yourself before the trips to max your safety for you and your loved ones..

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