Trade Show Display - "naming conventions"

Trade show display, trade shows, exhibitions, what ever people call it in the net, it happens at the Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center with excitement..

xiamen international conference and exhibition center front view rear view of the conference center

This is the place where you should be if you are networking! Local and international trades shows, are held here often - my favorite is the September the 8th trade show - you should not miss it!


Before leaving for the trade show display, please check if you have the following documents:

  • passport with valid visa
  • trade show invitation
  • name or calling card
  • gate pass
  • translator (human or non-human :)
  • other required documents

    Some documents need to be prepared at least a couple of weeks before the show. Your name or calling card would be an important “tool” in your checklist – make sure that your Chinese name is on that card as well as the Chinese translation of what “business” you’re in.
    Also, please be aware of pickpockets and place your documentations and valuables in bags or envelopes which would not attract attention. No place in the world is safe, and all of us know that.

    How to get to the exhibition center:

    Most hotels offer a 2-way free shuttle bus ride exclusive to hotel guests during the September 8 trade shows. If you are not able to take your hotel’s free shuttle bus ride and you want to take the taxi, we strongly recommend that you take the hotel taxis which queue in the hotel as a safety precaution. If a taxi is called from outside the hotel, please make sure that the hotel receptionist or bellboy helps you out with this.

    Money Saving Tips:
    You could take the public bus from the nearest bus station near your hotel going to the trade show display and save you some money. At the time of this writing, most inter-city bus rides cost from 1.00 to 2.00 RMB depending on the season of the year. Air-conditioned bus rides cost 2.00 RMB during Summer which is 1.00 RMB expensive than those without air-conditioning. Again, please inquire with your hotel reception for instructions on taking the public bus and the routings.

    Popular Public Bus Routes: # 19, 36

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