Xiamen Train Station - all your traveling begins here

Familiarize yourself with the Xiamen train station.
How do you get to "master" all the bus routes in Xiamen?
The answer again is simple: Go to the Xiamen train station and begin from there all your trips in Xiamen. Actually the station here, is also the main bus terminal of the city, although there are a number of other bus terminals scattered around Xiamen.

Take a look at the pictures and familiarize yourself on how the Xiamen station looks like.

How to get here

xiamen train station


We recommend that you first experience to take a taxi from your accommodation going to the Xiamen station before going "full-blast" taking buses in your daily trips, to save the "bucks". From this point, you would have "mastered" all the bus routes in Xiamen by just roaming around and noting the bus routes that you take from the start of your travels within the city.

Safety Tips

The old saying goes "Stop, Look and Listen!"
Traveling in Xiamen is fun, but of course there are the hassles, too : (
You might notice the following:

  • Reckless driving - the drivers are still not that courteous on the road. At times you'll feel awkward about that.
  • Lack of stop lights - be careful in crossing pedestrians most especially if you're bringing your kids with you! There is a problem we noticed on the streets that because of lack of 'courteous driving' in the city, we all need to look from both sides of our shoulder before 'leaping' the streets.

We all hope that those 'monsters' on the Xiamen road get busted one day and find more courtesity driving in the future.
We believe that the Xiamen Government is doing its best in driving this issue as our favorite city in China is trying to compete with international cities, globally, thus, maintaining its status of 'Garden City'. Time will tell.....

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