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We'll cover BC Canada (British Columbia) cities such as Vancouver BC, Richmond BC, Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster and other parts of the lower mainland or Greater Vancouver, as well as Asia, Europe and the US, well wherever our budget takes us.


bc canada coquitlam bc 2010 vancouver olympics

One of the more important activities or events we are attending are the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games which will be held in beautiful British Columbia.
So, if you think your beijing tickets for the summer games were worth collecting, why not add another valuable collection to your drawers - a winter games ticket of your adventures to the Vancouver 2010 games.





British Columbia Canada

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Here are some of the British Columbian cities we had traveled during those tours. Most of these cities are close to each other, especially the so-called "Tri-Cities". So take advantage of that opportunity!


Fuzhou | Hong Kong | Quanzhou | Xiamen |Vancouver | Burnaby

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