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Our Traveler Cheat Sheets is some form of a 'Question and Answer' or FAQs bar to help you save time in your travel inquiries to the South, as well as (hopefully) shed you some light about the
These questions were actually submitted by other SouthChina travelers (and to be travelers) and thus, we wanted to share them with you, to better manage your time, in some way, before those travel pains.
May these cheat sheets serve as your mini- traveler cheat sheets - manual before and after your travels to South China.
Please note that these traveler cheat sheets are just references and that names of individuals were made private.
You would also need to consult with your travel agents/consultants, consulates, and other travel-related agencies or research on other China-related traveler cheat sheets - do your own further investigations to narrow down other points of interests, before and after you make those travels, to be able to lessen pains in the 'butt' : )= (thus enter a traveller's cheats sheet or shxt whatever you may want to call it though; ()

Here we go...
Turn the wheel of traveler cheat sheets fortune.. (Hey, you should go Macau!!)

  • Q: I saw your friendly post on China Pulse and checked out your website. We might be interested in visiting during winter holiday... do you provide tours and help with hotels!
    A: No, we don't provide tours and help with hotels BUT we can recommend some great hotels we personally experienced.

  • Q: I will arrive to the Xiamen Airport, but at this moment i don't know how i can arrive to the city of Putian.Is very important for me know how i can find the bus station, or the railroad station.Now can you help me?
    A: Don't worry, "padre", it is very easy to find the bus station if you should start from Xiamen. Taking the bus is more convenient.If you are in Xiamen, take a taxi from your hotel (or from the airport) going to the bus station called Song Bai bus station which is in Xiamen city. Ask your bellboy or front office (or airport information) to help you or let your rep accompany you going to the "Song Bai" bus station, from there you could purchase at any time of the day, your bus ticket going to Putian. Then, ask your friends or colleagues from your Putian office, to pick you up from the bus station.Check our tips and tricks in the

    Xiamen main page with links tothe airport tips and tricks.

  • Q: Pretty site you have. Since I have travelled quite a bit in China I came across one spelling thing, I though it was Guangzhou instead of Quanzhou... maybe I am wrong..
    A: Guangzhou and Quanzhouare two different places, and you're both right (spelling wise) keep in touch here at the traveler cheat sheets at your convenience.

  • Q: I will be flying into Xiamen on August XX. I purchased a ticket on Xiamen airlines to fly to Fuzhou the same day. Unfortunately there was a delivery problem and the tickets will not arrive in time. What should I do? I paid for the flight, but I won't have the paper ticket. Will Xiamen airlines accept an itinerary from the travel agency? I can't find a way to contact Xiamen Airlines. I hope you can help.
    A: Xiamen Airlines Phone: 0086-592-2226666 or try 0086-0592 -2226666 (China country code)+(Xiamen City Code)+(Tel. no.). They accept English inquiries.
    If you're in China, the toll-free number of Xiamen Airlines is: 800-858-2666

  • Q: Do you offer an online Mandarin course?
    A: We are not a language university, sorry : ) but we link with the

    MIT Opencourseware for studying MandarinFREE. I personally, find it an excellent reference in my self-studies.

  • Q: Hi-My name is XXXX, and I will be coming to South China to work in a big XXXX factory. I will be there for four months form May to August, and most likely will be coming back in late September to stay for three months, and can work out to be a future position. I am a surfer, and am going to need to find waves in South China. I have found some good info from, and they show good waves on some of the islands there off south China such as Hainan(being the best), Shangchuan dao, and Dongshan Dao. Is there info you could give me on those three Island? I would be visiting them on the weekends, and it would be great if I could get more info about those island, and which are nicer to visit. Thanks for anything you could send me, bye,
    A: Hi XXXX, thanks for your email. I've personally been to Hainan years ago and I find it simple and beautiful but hot (unfortunately I spent only 2 Summer days) in Haikou city, Hainan. Well, they're comparing Hainan to the US's Hawaii, but, it might not be that close : )
    Feel free to 'interact' with experienced Hainan travelers from this link at Trip Advisor
    . From here you could do your own explorations.
    Happy South China travels and may you find success in South China with your career!

  • Q: I am a native English speaker currently teaching in XXXXX province. I was wondering if there is a job board for your area of China, perhaps Xiamen to be particular, that has jobs other than teaching positions. If you could let me know that would be great. Thank you, XXXX
    A: You could try the Forums for the meantime. Right now, I'm in the process of creating links in this Traveler Cheat Sheets, that would do Job Boards, but it's not quite soon, yet : )

  • Q: Hello, is there a good connection from the hotel (Golden Star Hotel) to Normal University (Quanzhou)?
    A: The Golden Star Hotel is around (estimate only) 30 minutes to the Normal University. You can contact the Normal University's Foreign Affairs at: Office of Foreign Affairs, Telephone: 0086-595-22919525 - they speak English.

  • Q: Hi! I have made a room reservation to stay in Golden Star Hotel recommended by your site, however there is no reply on confirmation and rate. It has been 4 days now and I do not understand why. Hope to hear from you even if the answer is no room available. Thanks.
    A: We don't have control if viewers do reservations to Golden Star, as the emails are directed to them and they are still not yet using their own hotel mail server system. I suggest you call them out on the numbers below or send a fax and let them confirm via fax, instead.Phones:(0086)(595)22277819 (English-speaking operator),(0086)(595)22988888, Fax: (0086)(595)22987865 Let me know how else I can help you, personally.Thanks for your inquiry.

  • Q: I went to the link you indicated below, however, I did not see a link to my site.
    A: Sorry about that amigo, but our "rule-of- thumb" in link exchange with sites is that - "if we do not receive a reply or reciprocal link from you within 48 hours after we announce that your link(s) is/are live in our site, we immediately remove your reciprocal links from our site".
    This is to give way for other sites with similar interests and business.

  • Q: Thank you very much for the lessons!
    A: If you meant the free Mandarin course, you are most welcome, hope you all enjoy the freeChinese Language courseby the MIT Open Course Ware. I'll try to add more as soon as they are available and as time permits it.

  • Q: Any suggestions about travel from Xiamen Airport to Quanzhou?
    A: I think you'll be better off riding a bus from Xiamen (Songbai Bus Terminal) to Quanzhou - it takes only less than 2 hours: price estimates as of May 2006 is: RMB 27.00 (medium-sized bus) and RMB 37.00 all with airconditioning.

  • Q: Is there bus service from the Xiamen airport to Quanzhou, or is it necessary to go into Xiamen to get a bus?
    A: Get the bus from Xiamen city, it takes around 15-20 minutes (if without traffic) going from the Xiamen airport by cab to the city. Go to the Songbai Bus Terminal which is near the China Trust Hotel (walking-distance-just-across the hotel) - use the China Trust Hotel or the Ramada Hotel as your guide towards the Songbai Bus Terminal. The Songbai terminal's buses bound for Quanzhou city center, are available at 20 to 30 minute intervals waiting time frame, so you'll have plenty of buses, BUT please consider holidays and/or peak seasons, schedules and ticket prices may increase during the holidays, due to demand.

  • Q: What is the likely cost of a car/driver from the Xiamen airport to Quanzhou?
    A: If you can speak the language and not get traveler cheat sheets cheated - I estimate it at around RMB 250.00 (driver+cab but you may not be able to get receipts). Better, let them FLAG DOWN the meters. I have not taken the cab from Xiamen to Quanzhou for years now as I find the bus much safer and "stronger" than the cabs. If you've decided to take the cab, ask if a receipt is available before letting the driver flag things around.

  • Q: Do you know of any good budget hotel in Shenzhen and Zhuhai. I live in Chongqing and I plan to go there in a few weeks. All the best
    A: I personally experienced the Overseas Chinese hotel in Shenzhen, which is close to the Lowu border (Hongkong-Shenzhen borders).
    Shenzhen hotels info link

    Zhuhai hotels link info
    If you'll go to Macau from Zhuhai, find a place near the borders and If you'll do Hongkong ,stay in a hotel near the Lowu border, in Shenzhen.

  • Q: I would like to take the ferry from Xiamen to Hong Kong I read it is a pretty trip. Do you know where Icould info in regards to ferry transportation? Thanks in advance!!
    A: If you can speak the 'language' or have a friend who does, you may >inquire at: The Xiamen Ferry office
    tel: 0086(592)2022516-517

    I just called them right now and they told me that the ferry ride to Hongkong happens at least once a month and depends on the schedule of the ferries coming back to Xiamen from Hongkong : ( (sigh!) You may try taking the bus going to Hongkong from Xiamen if you have time, although your 'butt' may hurt a bit (around 9 hours straight ride), you get to enjoy how culture interacts from city to city. And there is free lunch at a 4-star hotel-stop in Shantou, Guangdong. You'll meet new friends, too : )Again, the decision is still yours. Please keep in touch for some other traveler cheat sheets updates here.

  • Q:I would like to know about work visas and marijuana laws.
    A:You would need a company/sponsor to be able to get a work visa. Best bet is the Human Resource person hiring you. Xiamen and the whole of China has strict drug laws, too.Here's a traveler cheat sheets or forum in tripadvisor, perhaps you can 'ping' some guys, gals or other traveler cheat sheets contributors out there?

  • Q: Hi, nice site and very personable. I'm planning to travel to Xiamen this Thursday - to get from the airport to Jimei should I take a cab or a bus? If I take a cab I should only pay about CNY30-50? I'll be trying to get to the Chinese Language and Culture College. Appreciate any advice, thanks in advance :)
    A:Hi MXXXX,You may take both cab and bus to Jimei, but for the bus you may need to do some walking within the airport's vicinity (just follow airport hallway signs leading to the bus terminal).

    The cab is lined-up out of the airport and you may probably need to do some"bargainings" - if not make sure to let them flag down meters and don't forget to get the receipt before going down the cab (or bus) (complaint ph# is on that receipt).Also try to get info first (or freebie documents if any, from airport personnel (help desk) before hopping on those transits.

    -Goodluck!PS. If you find time to upload comments on any Xiamen resto's please help contribute

    thru this xiamen resto link


  • Q: We’ll be staying at Xiamen Millennium Harbourview Hotel, 12-8 Zhen Hai Road for 3 days, 2 nights. We’ll arrive at Xiamen Airport at 5:00 pm and leave two days later at around 5:30 pm.We would like to maximize our visit in Xiamen. I hope you could reply soon. Xie Xie!

    A:Hi RXXXX,Seems you're in the best spot with regards to your stay in Xiamen, close to downtown and some popular destinations.If you want to know Xiamen "quick" - just jump on a public bus across your hotel, and go plunge right in : ) but make sure you have those bus fares or extra coins.Remember that bus routes go back and forth in intervals so you'll end up in that starting point again just remember to pay the bus fare again once you reach the last bus stop before going round trip back to your hotel. There is still a language barrier in Xiamen so keep your rusty map as well as your hotel calling card (recommended) just in case you get lost. Also learn those emergency phone #'s (ask your hotel for more emergency phone updates).You may also hire a private car or a cab thru negotiations with your hotel but make sure the proper hotel employees help you out and let them know where you're going, as another safety measure.Another option is to take the xiamen tourist bus , again, most hotels can provide you with schedules as well as venues for the bus but of course the tourist bus has fees.Also another option, try walking towards some destinations, I believe some are just close by to your hotel, but make sure you are always on the safe path as a pedestrian as there is still reckless driving in Xiamen.These are just an overview. I'm sure you'll enjoy Xiamen as we all do, just make sure you focus on health, safety and have fun with your loved ones.Thanks for dropping bye, catch you later?


  • Q:We will be arriving in Xiamen on a cruiseship in February. Does the Xiamen SightSeeing Bus Tour commence at the Cruiseport? We want to visit Hulishan Fortress and also Gulangyu Island.THANKS from JXXX.

    A:The Xiamen Sightseeing bus passes by the cruise port but originally, commences from the People's Conference Hall, located at Hubin Bei Road (not close to the ports).Gulangyu and HuliShan Fortress are very close to the ports, hotels are close by the port, so you might be able to 'grab' some English travel brochures over the counter.Goodluck and thanks for sending us a

  • Q:
    I wish to inquire where i can purchase a ticket from manila to jinjiang? my grandparents wants to visit our relatives there and we are looking for a cheap flight. we are based here in mnl.

    A:The best thing to do is to inquire with your travel agents, if you're in China, ask any Philippine Airline affiliate or ask any agents back in Manila, as to how you can purchase tickets and save.We don't actually provide specific details for that, sorry.Take care.

  • Q:am visiting china for 2weeks , i live in england, but am traveling with my nigerian passport and on it i have the right to live and work in uk. do i still need a visa to hong kong or can i get a visa while am in xiamen china

    A:The best thing to do is inquire with your travel agents in UK, or consul general of Hk in UK, regarding visas. Try the China Travel Service.Sorry, we don't give specific info on that. Good luck with your China travel.

  • Q:We are visiting Xiamen by cruise ship on Tuesday November 3. Can we get the touris sightseeing bus from where the cruise ships berth. Is it easy to get to Gulangyu Island from the cruise ship. Do you recommend ways of making the one day visit the bst?

    A:( Traveler Cheat Sheets said )For Xiamen (sightseeing bus) Yes you may, the sightseeing bus stop is just in front of the Pizza Hutmain entrance - ask for Pizza Hut or Mc Donalds (Zhong shan road), the sight seeing bus stop is just around the corner ( well, not unless they change it without notice -:)The harbor is close by this bus stop, so is Gulangyu.Bon Voyage!

  • Q:I am going to Shanghai, and looking for Mandarin language practice and materials.

    A:( Traveler Cheat Sheets said ) Hi, You may start with: 06/CourseHome/
    Hope this helps. Good luck in Shanghai!
  • Q: I will visit Xiamen around March 7th, and should like to visit Shanghai for one day and return same day to Xiamen. flight, train or bus. What you suggest and cost. Thank you.

    A: (Traveler Cheat Sheets ) Hello Mxxxxx,

    We don't actually do recommendations but according to experience, we had enjoyed convenience and stayed away from travel hassles by plane travel to Shanghai and Xiamen.

    Please consult with your travel agent for pricing and specific travel details.Good luck in China!

  • We'll move on to the next traveler cheat sheets question and answer, later, please get right back here at the traveler cheat sheets blah blogs for more updates on traveller cheat sheets experiences or we'll call it a traveler cheat sh_t ? instead ...
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