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Here's an additional video blogs page on our travels to fuzhou.
There are two bus terminals in the city which are the North Station and South stations. We find the North station as a 'better' and smoother alternative than that of the South station as the North station is cleaner and more organized.

So what's common between these two stations?

  • waiting areas
  • washrooms
  • snack counters
  • travel information in Chinese (hope they get more internationalized).
  • ticket counters
  • motorcyle taxis outside
  • the noise
  • the crowd
  • falling baggages or luggages and back-packs from the bus compartments over your head : ( see the You Tube video above? wacky, but true, sorry to scare you.

Take note of this: I personally find that the South station is convenient in a way, that, I needed to embark in a bus station which is closer to downtown Fuzhou. I feel uncomfortable the other way around, though, taking the rides from the South side, as it's too crowded to me considering taking a trip with a family.

I've started out with a Travels to Fuzhou video which I took from the bus going back to Xiamen. The bus service was not that well and we kept requesting the attendant and driver to put up the airconditioning and lower the volume of the on-board movies - (this actually happened twice) and we can't breathe! Also take note of those bags and luggage which are about to drop on your head! (You'll see what I mean when the video comes live later).

So, to sum it up with a lessons learned - check out the quality (and ticket price) of the bus before you jump in. Take the most comfortable bus to-and-fro Xiamen as its going to take 3 hours (one way) for your butts. Please do your homework.

That's all for now, well, how about your travels to Fu Zhou, recently? Let me know.....

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