Something about your "trip advisor"

"Trip Advisors" all of us, we all know something about some place...

Traveling or living in China is not an easy task for all of us "foreigners".

We all have experienced different kinds of "pains" and have "little success stories and secrets" to share. Let me take you back in time for a minute...
"I remember one experience wherein I was broke, got only around 200 bucks, my guitar and synthesizer and tried to come back and find a job as a musician in South China, and I did that because there was a "need" to go back to China - a "need" to be with V (who is now my wife) and a very important "need" to survive. I stopped touring as a musician (although I still do original commercial music), then bought a flat in Xiamen and got a bit "successful" by "persisting" and teaching myself "Computer Engineering"(now working for Dxxx as Test-Diagnostics Engineer)- this changed my whole life and just wanted to say that South China and its people contributed a big part in that transformation - it all happened in here! May the story of my favorite rock band Journey inspires us all - -
"Don't Stop Believing ... "

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I built this site with a product called SBI!. It's an excellent way to build an online business. If you ever see a "site build it scam" story, don't believe it. See SiteSell's official "site build it scam" reply.

This site was created because I wanted to share with you my real-life experiences in South China particularly life's ups and downs over here as well as the travels, adventures and vacations that me and my wife V. had in Hong Kong, Macau and other parts of South China especially our favorite city Xiamen where we chose to live.

This site was also created for you, to serve as your China travel guide to the South as well as a starting point for us "trip advisors" to share travel and life experiences not only in South China but also the whole of China - you can share your "little pains and successes" in this site and show the world!.

If you are already in South China, or now planning to travel South China particularly in Xiamen (where we live), why don't you send me a note through the Contact Us page and let's talk about fun (even the "pains"), travel and life in South China.

Again, I hope you enjoy this site and benefit from it.

DO NOT be overwhelmed by the language barrier in China, you just have to be here!"

Your South China "Trip Advisor",

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