Tutto Bene Xiamen Restaurant and Bar Project - Search Engine Ranking Presentation Diaries

Search Engine Ranking History/Diary for the Tutto Bene Xiamen.

This Tutto Bene Xiamen Restaurant and Bars page records my on-going search engine rankings "diary" R&D or "feasibility study of the site's SEO standings.
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Project: Tutto Bene Search Engine keyword research Country: China
City: Xiamen
Project stakeholders
: RC (TBRB boss), Almario J. Macion (keyword research, design and development)
Start of Project: April 06, 2006
SE Research Analysis: May 6, 2006 1:21 PM
Keywords: tutto bene restaurant china
Results: Top 1 in Google, Top 1 in Yahoo, Top 2 in MSN
Period: 1 month


Demonstration of Tutto Bene's SE Rankings in a 1-month range from start of site-listing


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