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We'll be starting out our journey of Vancouver Gastown through the Waterfront Skytrain Station, as it's the closest we can get utilizing Skytrains.
Note that public transit is available other than the Skytrain, and some of those transits might be more convenient for you, depending on which directions you take.
The Waterfront serves a number of public bus stations, the Sea Bus,the West Coast Express, and you could walk down the Waterfront, if you're living downtown.
Below is a Google map showing the Gastown from the Waterfront Skytrain Station (which is the last station - station just right after the Granville and Burrard Skytrain Stations, respectively).

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History of Gastown

Names and Brief History

"Gassy Jack" Deighton, one of the earliest settlers, a sailor and steamboat man from England, used to story or tale-tell a lot, who was quoted "talkative" or "gassy", setup his 2nd saloon (1st saloon was in New Westminster), here thus, related to Gastown's story and name-craft.

Some of the "historical"names given to Gastown were:

  • Granville
  • Before, Gas town was an informal name for Vancouver

These are just some of Gastown's overview, but get a feel of the place, and see how Gassy Jack and the modern Vancouver times get into "Chemistry".
And don't forget to check-out the Gastown steam clock.


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