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We're aiming for interesting and unique Vancouver tourism info of Vancouver BC Canada on our 'getaway' pages. We'll start out with some brief history of Vancouver British Columbia and then slowly progress to some of the Vancouver tourism 'ingredients' that we would like to experiment and mix with's own travel recipes.

We'll try to cover only those places and topics which would save you time in your quest of the city's history, restaurants, hotels, parks, public libraries, entertainment and other interesting places which we hope could help you up and running in a few minutes in your vacation plans and adventures within the city.

Let's start with a brief history backgrounder and some facts and figures to get your feet wet on this beautiful British Columbia city.

When is the Best Time to Travel?

fall in vancouver best weather in vancouver is for us fall autumn

The answer is just a personal choice, for us the best times to travel here is just before the end of Summer which is around September (Summer is July - September), and start of Fall /Autumn (October - December). We're a bit un-easy in Winter (December - March), but if you love snow or the cold, come in late December, January or February with your snowboards. It snows in the city, but it's not that heavy compared to other Canadian cities, such as Winnipeg, Nunavut or Yukon.

The city is also a 'rainy' place to be in and it's around October which last sometimes up to March, so if you're commuting on public transits, be aware of the chilly rains during winter and don't forget your gloves. Most travelers here, "claim " that the weather here is unpredictable, so be prepared for the worst. You won't regret buying a pair of water-proof boots.
As a quick weather note:The end of January sometimes may seem too foggy, thus take the necessary precautions, especially if you're driving around town.
Note also that, driving from Vancouver downtown to some parts of Coquitlam, Burnaby or Lower Mainland, you may experience different weather scenarios, some parts are clear, some parts are foggy, while some parts are sunny. Also, Vancouver experiences snow storms once in a while. You may find it very sunny and clear one whole morning but later in the afternoon, snow storm or a blizzard arrives.

Check out the weather office at Environment Canada on Vancouver's current weather condition here.

How to get to Vancouver BC

Places of Interest

Some of the most visited or more popular spots in the city which we were able to luckily, visit are the following:

Travel Tips on Skytrain and Coast Mountain Buses - Vancouver Tourism Travel Tips

The main mode of transportations are the Vancouver Skytrains as well as the buses from the Coast Mountain bus.
Get some needed train travel tips and advice for a safety train and bus journey within the city.

Vancouver Photos

Visit the Vancouver Picture Gallery

Churches in Vancouver

Churches, cathedrals, confessions, places of worship

Shopping Malls

Stores, malls and department stores

Banks and Financial Institutions

Credit card banks, financial companies, and other bank institutions



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