South China Video Blogs

I'm adding right here an exclusive 'Video Blogs' coverage, which I hope you find interesting to peek-on and perhaps 'flame-on' - we can't please anyone, right? Although the videos are short and were not 'expertly' done (well, we all live a few hours a day : ), my humble, sole purpose is for you and I to have a 'travel-peace-of-mind'.

These blogs may (hopefully) serve as:

  • Your travel manual before spending the travel bucks.
  • Your video map - playback or pause some blogs at quick intervals to find out which bus, taxi routes or mode of transportation is available, thus, serving as some sort of a 'map'.
  • Your language reference tool, to get a quick feel and tone of the local languages/dialects.
  • Your safety and hygiene guide - familiarize yourself with the environment before doing your 'sleeps', 'eats' and 'markets'.

    See how hotels look like before lying on those beds - we heard horror stories of colleagues and virtual friends paying 'huge' before living in hotels with roaches!

    Have a feel as to how the locals drive - be aware of traffic safety for you and your families' well-being.




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